Cybersafety for Parents

As a parent we are always wondering what are children are getting up to, both offline and online.  The social world of the internet has grown at an astonishing pace and it is the place to be seen for young people these days.

But how do we as digital newcomers help guide and nurture our children, these digital denizens that have grown up with this technology, through this maze of apps and online behaviours and social etiquette to ensure our children are safe online?  It is easy to feel overwhelmed, we know their are online dangers but how do we protect our children whilst they are in this online world?

It is important that as parents we take some responsibility to understand the online world and to help our children establish their online behaviours and presence in the correct way.  Remember that what goes online can stay there forever.  A bad digital or online reputation can effect your childs future for a long time to come.

Cybermums wants your input into what topics are important to you with regard to your childs online education.

How Can Cybermums Help You Keep Your Kids Safe Online?

Cybermums provides seminars and workshops to assist parents to understand the new online social media world and help parents support their children to be safe online.  We provide the following services for Parents:

  • One-on-One Cybersafety Training – can be conducted in your own home for convenience.
  • Cybersafety Workshops  These are hands on and limited in number. Each attendee brings their own hand held device to use during the workshop.
  • Cybersafety Seminars  These are suitable for larger groups and are more presentation style.

What are the Benefits of a Cybermums Workshop?

  • We help you to understand the online world your child is interacting and socialising in.
  • We help you understand the positives and negatives of social media and the internet.
  • We show you how to increase security measures on apps and devices.
  • We keep you up to date with the latest trends and app information to help keep your kids safe online.
  • We provide access to resources for cyberbullying, digital reputation, online gaming, texting and much more.
  • We provide tools to help you open discussions with your child regarding their online behaviours and experiences.