Cybermums Cybersafety Workshop

Cybermums Cybersafety Workshops are designed to be educational and information but practical as well.  We encourage you to bring along your iPhone, iPad or iPod so we can examine apps, privacy and security during our workshop so you can walk away knowing how to properly secure your or your kids device.

What do we cover? Our workshop focuses on the following topics.

Cybersafety Workshop

What is media and how do kids use it?
Todays online media is:

  • Challenging
  • Mobile
  • Interactive
  • Accessible
  • Searchable
  • Anonymous
  • Replicable
  • Permanent

Privacy and Security why it is so important and how to implement it.
Guidelines and tools to help you and your kids when using media.

Cybersafety Workshop

We have three options for workshops or one on one sessions.

Cybersafety Workshop Maximum 20 participants
Cybersafety Workshop Individual attendance
Cybersafety One on One Individual session

At present we have only one option for booking a session, and that is to book a whole 2 hour session where you can then organise for friends or other school mums to attend to cover the session cost.  In future we will have sessions available where you can book and attend as an individual.

We actively encourage P&Cs and schools to book these sessions for parents to attend.

To book a session please contact Tarnya on 0419 945 239 or